On Kindred Spirits, I publish essays that I describe as “old alchemy for a young century”. I sincerely believe that ancient wisdom holds kernels of truth that are timeless, no matter the age or season. The essays here are less thematically organised, more a combinatorial pool of ideas, thoughts, philosophies, art and ways of living.

The thing they all have in common, perhaps, is that I’ve picked these ideas up along the way as I read, listened, wrote, thought, stared, and otherwise consumed. Also, that many of these ideas haven’t had a place in the hallowed halls of history, and have instead been buried by Time, hoping against hope that someone would come along, dig them up, and see their timeless value.

I guess, in a roundabout way, I am playing the role of that amateur archaeologist, that archive-dweller. I invite you to dig with me.

About the author

I, Sindhu, am a reader, writer, and collector of obscure knowledge. By day, I work as a writer, researcher, and strategist. By night, I record my growing sense of self, haunt physical and digital archives, and indulge my curiosity in an array of topics.

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Old alchemy for a young century. Essays to help you navigate the complexities of our modern lives by drawing from the wisdom of great philosophers across time and space.


Sindhu Shivaprasad

Thinker and tinkerer looking for old alchemy for a young century.